28 years of Photobooth Experience in Adelaide!


Q: What’s included in the rental package?


You will receive a Retro / Vintage Photobooth or Photo Studio at your event.

You and your guests will enjoy unlimited, free photos throughout the event. Our support staff are also available during the event to make sure everything runs smoothly. We handle delivery and take away as well as coordinating logistics prior to the event (we contact the venue, make sure we can get the photo booth in before booking is finalised.) Also a complimentary album is available for your guests to paste their photos into and write their best wishes.

Q: How many photos can we take?


Unlimited. Our Vintage & Retro Photobooths along with our Open Photo Booths are loaded with rolls of 1,000 photo strips. In addition, we always carry back up film just in case.

Q: How many people can fit in our Retro Photobooths and the Open Photo Booths?


These are the limits for our booths:

Vintage 1954 – 3 people

Vintage 1968 – 5 people

Classic 1985 – 5 people

Retro Digital – 6 people

Open Photo Booth – anywhere between 3-30 people

Q: Do we have to wait for the photo strips to come out before taking more photos?


No, you just keep jumping back in with your friends or colleagues and hit the button. Our Photobooths will keep up with you.

Q: What unique ideas have we seen?


Most clients go with the Wedding Album idea. Guests can then place their photos in the album and write fun notes to the bride and groom. With Corporate parties, you can auction off crazy photos of the executives or make “fake” laminated ID tags with humorous statistics. Photobooths are also being used as unique “ice breakers” at company functions or meetings.

Q: Will I get a CD of photos or negatives?


THE  Vintage / Classic Photobooths don’t produce any USB or CD as these Photobooths are completely Original mechanically operated.

THE  Retro Digital Photo booth will produce a CD containing all the photos taken during your event

THE  Open Photo Booth will Produce a USB of all photos and 30 second videos taken at the event.

Q: When do you set up and is that part of the hourly fee?


We usually set up the photo booth at least 2 hours prior to the event to ensure perfect performance. When it comes to rental/hire fees, only the hours of the actual operation at the event apply. Please fill out our Order Form to receive an accurate quote, call


Call us now in Adelaide!  0403655853

Q: Can we decorate the photo booth?


Yes, the Retro Photobooths are yours for the event. Match the booth to the 5 star location or keep it vintage. Provide us with customized signs and we’ll install them on the photo booth at no extra charge!

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to make sure we get as many pictures as we can?


Yes. We recommend that you promote the photobooth within the event to make sure that everyone knows that it is available and free. Many of our clients have come up with creative ways to do this, but it can be as easy as asking the DJ or MC to make an announcement.

Between our assistant and an announcement on the booth explaining the process, your guests will be sure to take full advantage of the feature

Q: What states of Australia can I hire a Photo Booth in?


We are presently located in Adelaide, Australia.

Q: Can Retro Photobooths produce Color images ?


Yes, our Retro Digital Photobooths and also our Open Photo Booths produces Colour, Sepia and Black & White photos.

Our Vintage Photobooths produce that old style sepia toned Black & White photos only.